HBE PRP - Eigenplasma

PRP therapieoptimiert konfigurieren: sicher, rasch und zuverlässig


Wirbelsäule minimalstinvasiv mit höchster Präzision therapieren!


Autologous Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

The concentrated healing power of our blood

High-quality scientific publications are pointing out that PRP therapy can still achieve therapeutic progress when other forms of therapy have already reached their limits.

The therapeuthic power of PRP therapy is based on the cell growth-stimulating properties of endogenous growth factors, plasma proteins and cytokines. PRP can stimulate cell growth and accelerate healing processes. As a result, PRP can open up a wide range of therapy options.

  • Wide range of applications
  • High therapeutic efficiency
  • High bio compatibility
  • Inexpensive, outpatient therapy
  • Natural active ingredients

Orthopaedics, sports and
pain medicine

Arthrosis Arthritis Cartilage defects Ligament injuries Tendinosis
Ligament and joint inflammation

Wound healing

Pressure sores Ulcer Burns Cysts


Skin rejuvenation Hair loss Acne scars Fat graft


Reproductive medicine


Ligament and joint problems Wound heeling

Benefits of glo HBE PRP Flexy Power Kit

  • Closed system
  • 3-9 times platelet concentration, adjustable
  • High yield – up to approx. 5ml PRP
  • Can be flexibly adapted to the therapy purpose
    • with/without Buffy Coat
    • PRP or PRF
  • Up to 9ml PPP usable – utilization of Matrix
  • High platelet quality – high platelet activity
  • Simple, safe and clean handling:
    • Reliable interface between sterile and non-sterile areas
    • Safe and reliable separation (no harmful erythrocytes in PRP)
    • No needle, no pipetting, no open blood handling, low risk of contamination
    • Without separating gel (no pollution e.g. by paraffin etc.)
  • Short processing time < 10min.
  • Reproducible, high PRP quality independent of Hkt. Etc.

Exact Separation

Exact Separation

Screw mechanism
Dosing – and stable